How long after painting exterior of house can it rain?

If you use latex paint, you need a minimum of two hours of direct sunlight before rain arrives. The paint may feel dry to the touch after an hour, but it will still wear off. After two hours, a light rain won't completely ruin your work, but you may need to repaint part of it when it's dry. After it rains, we usually wait a couple of days to make sure the coating is perfectly dry.

After all, even if it feels dry to the touch, that doesn't mean moisture isn't trapped inside. The key to determining when it can be painted is to assess how dry the wood is. If you have old wood or aged paint, and strong winds were causing rain against your house, it may take 3 to 4 sunny days before the coating is dry enough to paint. However, if your old coating is in good shape and you get a light windless drizzle in the morning, the coating may not absorb any moisture and you could paint it in the afternoon.

When painting outdoors, hot, dry weather, cold temperatures, and high humidity will affect how quickly the paint dries. Another factor is that eaves and ceilings help prevent rain from even reaching the house, keeping the coating dry and ready to paint. If you had to wait to paint until the sky was crystal clear and blue, the painting would never end. This is because, unlike pressure washing, rain does not usually penetrate the lining of a house, allowing painting soon after it stops raining.

With that in mind, find out how long after the rain you can paint the outside of your house and how you can do it without problems. Primer and paint dry faster in hot, dry climates, while cooler temperatures or areas with high humidity may cause the process. A responsible painter will communicate with you clearly about this, so you know what to expect if rain makes painting impossible. Painting and drying on too humid days can result in unattractive paint jobs, such as unattractive brush marks or clumps of paint on the outer surface.

If the surface is dry to the touch, you can generally use acrylic paint because it will allow the remaining moisture to evaporate through the coating. If there is windless drizzle (especially in the morning) and the surface has been previously painted, you can start working in the afternoon, since the coating is less likely to absorb moisture. When it comes to professional, hassle-free painting services in the Chicago metropolitan area, Marc Poulos Painting is the preferred contractor. For example, if you paint at exactly 34 degrees in the middle of the morning and expect it to freeze later in the day, you are unreasonably exaggerating.

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