How long does exterior latex paint need to dry before rain?

The short answer is that latex paint typically dries to the touch in about an hour. However, you should finish any exterior painting project four to six hours before the rain falls. However, it will be a good idea to let the painted surface dry for at least twelve hours before it starts to rain. This way, you will be absolutely sure that the paint layer will not suffer or be damaged in any way.

If you use acrylic latex paint, you need at least two hours of sunshine for the exterior paint to dry before it rains. If heavy rain is forecast or several days of rain are coming in the coming days, you'll need about six hours of good sunshine to dry the paint well enough so that it doesn't get affected. The paint will dry to the touch in about an hour, depending on the heat of the day. It takes about five days of normal weather for the paint to completely dry and for the paint film to reach its maximum hardness and durability.

If you use acrylic latex paint, you need at least two hours of sunshine for the paint to dry before it rains. My daughter's painter decided to paint without drying well in April, and now his house is covered in water blisters that are almost impossible to prevent them from reappearing. However, with refinishes, there shouldn't be as much pressure, so there's no reason to rush to deliver anything other than adequate paint. Whether the project is small in the garden or all over the outside of the house, painting outside leaves you and your painting exposed to the elements.

Everything I've read says that you have to wait 1 to 2 days before painting for the house to dry, and even so, the temperature should be 5 degrees above the dew point and time for it to dry before the next rain, since I'm in the same situation, in Seattle in September, with a heavy rain that just fell. If you've done your due diligence and hired a reputable painter, then trust that your painter will deal with weather-related issues. Painting the facade of a building or of your own house depends largely on weather conditions, and I'm sure you know that quite well. To estimate if the paint will dry before the rain hits, expect the paint to be OK within an hour if temperatures are near the highest in the range.

There is also the reality that wind can cause ripples in thick paint and increase the amount of excess spray directed down the street, especially when using a spray gun. So, as for the drying time of exterior latex paint, like most paints, it usually takes between four and eight hours to completely dry. This is where a pressure washer comes in handy, especially if the paint drips onto surrounding surfaces, such as concrete or ceiling. This is also the reason that oil-based paints are not often used in more humid climates because they wear out quickly in sunny weather.

However, how long your painting project continues to run the risk of being devastated by the effects of rain after you finish painting depends on several factors.

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