How long does sherwin williams exterior paint last?

Acrylic latex paints will last longer. In addition, semi-gloss finishes usually last longer than a flat or eggshell finish. Sherwin Williams offers a limited lifetime warranty, provided the paint has been applied correctly. Exterior paint and interior paint have different chemical compositions.

Sherwin Williams exterior paint is made to withstand inclement weather with a minimum of cracking or discoloration. When used on stucco, exterior paint can last 8 to 10 years. If you have a wooden lining, you can expect a slightly shorter lifespan, usually only 5 to 7 years. Alternatively, if you're painting fiber cement boards, the paint can last even longer.

It can last 10 to 15 years, depending on the color you choose. Theoretically, Sherwin William's line of interior paints can last as long as its exterior counterparts. However, the truth is that most people are ready for a fresh color after 3-4 years. That said, Sherwin Williams interior paints can last 7 to 10 years, provided the surface has been properly prepared.

In addition, the paint is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which will give you peace of mind and underscore the quality of this product. Depending on the climate and the condition of your coating, Duration paint should last between eight and ten years. This means that you won't have to think about repainting your house for quite some time. Or, if you store oil paint outside or inside your truck, it will be exposed to colder temperatures during the night that cause it to thicken, just like the engine oil in your truck.

My best advice is to use a paint made to paint at 35°F or higher, such as the Duration, Resilience, Super Paint or A-100 Exterior products. If the paint is visibly peeling off or has started to rust (curl), you already have a deadline for the exterior paint service. If you've just bought or moved to a new home, you may not really know when the property was last painted. Things like the type of paint used, the level of paint quality, and even the color can indicate the overall longevity of the exterior paint surface.

I would wait a minimum of one day after heavy rain, but remember that the surface must be dry before painting. While the paint itself should last 10 years or more, you usually don't have a chance to prove it. Overlapping occurs when a freshly painted section begins to dry before starting to paint the adjoining area. Interestingly, even the color and gloss of the finish you choose will affect the durability of the paint.

A common mistake is to paint when the day's high temperature exceeds 60° F and nighttime temperatures are much colder because dew forms on almost everything as soon as the sun sets. When forecasters predict temperature changes that could fall below the normal 50°F recommendation for latex paint, consider using a home paint that can be applied and that cures at temperatures as low as 35°F.

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