How long to paint exterior of house?

Painting your home's exterior could be the ideal pick-me-up if it looks less than wonderful. Your property may look brand new with a fresh coat of exterior paint. When evaluating whether this is a decent DIY project or if you need to consult a professional, consider giving Gold Painters a try. Out of all the painting companies in Toronto, they are definitely of the highest quality.


Choose an appropriate time to begin. No matter how much work you put into preparation, anything could ruin your plans. When choosing a period of year, try to pick one with little rain and humidity because paint clings best to dry surfaces.

Size of Your Home

As recommended, the length of time it takes to complete the project will unavoidably depend on how big your house is. A team of two to three persons will need three to four days to paint a typical-sized house. In this instance, a house with one to two levels and four or fewer bedrooms will be considered "typical." Large homes, including those with three stories or five or more bedrooms, will take five to six days to move.

Size of Your Crew

You should normally plan to spend more than a week painting the exterior of your home per Toronto House Painting professionals, depending on its size. You'll proceed more quickly the more assisting hands you have at your disposal. For exterior painting, our experts generally assign more than one worker, especially if doing so means doing the job on a shorter timeline. We provide interior wall painting services.


Power cleaning your siding will be a crucial part of the preparation job. This step is essential because it offers the ideal foundation for new paint to cling to. Your paint work will last longer if your siding is clean. Many homeowners choose to complete this task by themselves. However, if you believe you'll want assistance, you can leave this step to the professionals!


Cleaning decaying wood won't do much good in the long run, speaking of siding. Our Toronto exterior painting professionals insists if it isn't addressed, it will keep rotting, ruining the paint work you just did. Replace rotten wood if possible, or use wood filler to cover small holes. As part of a bigger endeavor to tidy up the rest of the room, you might be painting the exterior of your house. Here are a couple more suggestions to get you going!

*Install landscape lights to make your outdoor living spaces and walkways more visible.

*For a nighttime display of your new paint work, add outside wall sconces.

*In order to complement the fresh design of your property, clean up your flower beds, trees, and plants.

A team of professionals can paint the exterior of your home more quickly and comfortably. Gold Painters can put you in touch with neighborhood experts that work nearby. Contact our premier Toronto painters today at 416-458-6233 for your free no obligation estimate!

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