How much should it cost to paint the interior of a 1500 square foot house?

Painting a room or an entire house on your own can be a good way to reduce remodeling costs, but only if you're sure you can get the job done right the first time. Use our interior painting calculator to get an accurate estimate of the price of your home. Only a professional can give you an accurate price after evaluating your home in person. It's best to request 3 to 4 painting quotes from local contractors to compare their prices.

Usually, the cost of painting a room is much higher per square foot compared to painting several rooms or the entire house. This is because the contractor has the same preparation and cleaning work, as well as the overhead and profits for a small project as for a large one. However, large painting jobs involving several rooms, including a kitchen, are left up to contractors most of the time. Similarly, it is advisable to include the driving time spent collecting test patches, supplies and paint.

Most painters would agree that the amount of prep work and the patching of the walls will most affect the cost. Dining rooms are usually small or medium-sized rooms with less furniture to move, making painting work easier and cheaper. Whether you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, the walls in your bedroom or the ceiling, you can find interior painters near you in Thumbtack. Whether the walls in your home need a renovation or you just want to change the scenery, painting is a great way to renew an interior space.

Now that you know how square footage, the number of rooms, the amount of paint, and the overall scope of the project can affect costs, let's look at the other cost factors. Before a professional begins a painting project, they will first measure the area to be painted, minus the size of the doors and windows. Self-priming paints, which combine paint and primer, are usually very thick and cover only a small number of square feet. A colder climate means fewer exterior painting jobs available to painters and more competitive prices for interior work.

Any good residential painting service worth considering should include detailed preparation details in your budget. As with any home improvement project, doing your own interior painting of a home has advantages and disadvantages. I think it's important for contractors to specify the amount of material, the amount of paint, and the amount of labor. Keep in mind that if you hire a general contractor to oversee this paint remodel, you must add 12 to 20% of the total cost of the painting to cover your fees.

Be sure to check your condo's construction guidelines to ensure a smooth start and finish to your next painting project. Another surprising fact when it comes to painting costs is that adding molding paint to any wall or ceiling job can save you money.

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